Privacy Policy

Not another boring ol' Privacy Policy please. Why do we all have to be bored to tears?

Well the truth of the matter is that you need to know how your information is used when you show up to a site and this page is designed to share that information with you. It should also be easy to read.

This page is going to lay out how this site does just that.

Here we go:

This policy applies to the information collected solely on this site. This is what you'll know after reading this page:

  • The information that we collect on this site including any identifiable information.
  • How your information is used regarding this site and business.
  • What rights and choices are available to you for your data use, including erasure.
  • What security measures are used to protect your data.
  • How you can correct any inaccuracies in information.
  • Who to contact to correct, remove, or inquire about more information.

Privacy Consent

You consent to the terms in this privacy policy by using our site even if you did not read it.

Information Collection, Use, and Sharing

So what kinds of information do we collect anyway.

We collect may collect name, email, payment information, and sensitive data. We also collect non identifiable data to better understand how you use the site.

How do we collect that data? Well there's comments, contacting form, analytics, pixels, payment processing,cookies (no not your grandma's chocolate chip cookies, but wouldn't that be nice right about now) and a few other non identifiable data pieces and code snippets.

What do we use them for?

We use them to be able to have a conversation with you. We use them to learn more about what you like and view and might need to know more about. (Hey who wouldn't want to make their content better for those that actually show up and need it.) We use it to know what products might be most helpful to you. We also use it for advertising and knowing if you're already a customer.

Here's how that breaks down.


This site uses the WordPress commenting system for its blog posts. Name, Email, and Website (optional) information is collected when you sign in to comment and your comment will show up as public if we approve it.

We may collect these comments for product development, to share as testimonials or examples in our teaching or marketing endeavors (according to public domain laws), or to better understand your needs.

You can delete your comments at any time.

You may ask for your identifiable information (name, profile picture, email and/or website) to be removed for any marketing, educating, or product development purposes.


Media consists of embedded materials on this site. This means mostly videos. I share video when it helps to tell the story better.

These videos will be from Facebook or YouTube. When you watch these videos it's like watching them on the Facebook or YouTube platform.


We collect your name and email ONLY if you sign up for more information or for one of our helpful PDFs, printables, or templates. This information is stored with our trusted third-party email autoresponder. (Convert Kit at the time of creating this policy.)

If you receive an email from us and decide that you no longer wish to receive that email you may unsubscribe at any time. The unsubscribe link is at the bottom of every email.

If for some reason you cannot access this link, please feel free to email and ask to be removed personally.

This information will never be sold or shared with anyone other than myself or my employees.

If someone approaches me (the site owner) with an offer that I think might be worthy of your time or that you might find helpful I will email you and let you know about it. However, your information will never be sold or given away.

If you decide to follow a link given in an email I am not responsible or liable for that business or company's privacy policy or procedures.

Third Party Sites and Services

This site shares aggregated demographic information with our partners and advertisers. This is not linked to any personal information that can identify any individual person.

What the heck does all that mean?

We use Google analytics to see how many visitors show up to the site and how they found us. We use Pinterest snippet to identify our website. And we use a pixel from Facebook to better advertise and market our services and courses.

This site also uses trusted third-party providers to provide specific services. When you the user sign up for these services you will be asked to provide your name, contact information, and any financial information necessary for the third party to provide these services.

These parties are not allowed to use personally identifiable information except for the purpose of providing these services. This includes classes, payments, and invoices relating to the services and courses offered on this site. This also includes our mailing list.


This site uses "cookies". A cookie is a piece of data stored on a site visitor's hard drive. They enable us to track and target the interests of our users to enhance the experience on our site. Usage of a cookie is in no way linked to any personally identifiable information on our site.

We also allow for cookies to be turned off on the site and this in no way affects how the site functions for those users that opt out of using a cookie. To opt out of using cookies you will have to have your data collection turned off on your device.


This website contains links to other sites. Please be aware that we are not responsible for the content or privacy practices of these other sites. I (the site owner) encourage you (the user) to be aware when leaving this site and to read the privacy statements of any other site that collects personally identifiable information.

Sensitive Data

This business does deal with sensitive data. We collect information about our client's businesses and that deal with economic and identifiable information. For that reason, this data is stored electronically on our premises.

This data is collected only after signing a contract with release for this data being given and with full understanding how it will be used for your service.

Only the site owner and employees will have access to this data and it will only be used to complete the contractual duties outlined in the project.


COPPA Statement

This site is not intend for the use of children under the age of 18. The services and classes on this site are not intend for the use of children. Obtaining permission from your parents does not constitute the use of this site by children under the age of 18.


This site takes every precaution to protect your information. Most information is stored on trusted third party services that provide high security encryption just for such reasons.

Only the site owner and employees of this site are allowed access to this information and it is never shared with anyone else.

Your Data Rights and Choices

You have a right to know what data is collected. You have the right to ask that data be corrected or even erased. (Why does that sound like a Bond movie?)

If you believe that the data we have is incorrect and you would like to correct it then you can contact us via the information below. And we will help you fix the issue.

If you want to be forgotten, then contact us via the information below and we'll scrub your records clean. (We'll shred, delete, and redact all that we have on file.) It'll be like you never knew us.

Contacting Us

For questions, concerns, or a list of trusted third party sites that have or hold your information please contact Genevieve Horrall per the details listed below.

Genevieve Horrall: Data Protection Officer

Email :

Phone : (830) 266-4513 and leave a detailed message.

You can also send snail mail to:

Genevieve Horrall

501 Ave. E #511

Moody, Texas 76557


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