Hey there!

Feeling overwhelmed? Ready to gain back that time freedom and start achieving those goals?

You're in the right place.

No one told you that you were going to have to be a firefighter to bring your vision to life, but here you are putting out fires daily.

Does every day feel like a fashion show of hats that you have to cycle through just to run your business? Manager, firefighter, chaos wrangler, juggler of all the balls…

It’s enough to make you want to walk away from it all and never look back some days…not really but the thought crosses your mind more than you want to admit. Especially when you have to deal with managing your team, figuring out fulfillment and customer service, and don’t even mention operations or finance.

You’re not alone!

The stories I could tell you. Well... Let's just say they could curl or straighten your hair respectively.

Take off your hats for a moment. Breathe in and let your shoulders relax. I'm glad you're here. This is a safe space.

Right now you might be feeling like you're the only one that's struggling with this. You're not. It's one of the most commonly shared problems among CEOs and Visionaries (even if they don't talk about it often).

You might think it's your fault and that you somehow missed a step. I assure you it's not... let me share something with you.

You are built differently. Most visionaries don’t think in terms of managing and operating. It’s not how your brain “sees” the world.

You see your business from the 30,000 foot view and what problem it will solve.

You’re not a fireman, not a chaos wrangler, and you’re not a time card puncher. You’re a big ideas problem solver.

Yet bringing your vision to life after a certain point requires more than just you and with that comes all the areas your business needs to deliver for it to grow beyond where it started. So you hire an assistant or two and next thing you know you’re wearing the manager’s hat…

It takes you completely out of flow and it doesn’t stop there!

What’s a Visionary to do?

Things seem to have stopped working. Your ideas seem to have dried up and after a while, it feels like you are throwing spaghetti at the wall and chasing after the next "shiny" thing to move the needle just to keep all the balls in the air. *insert juggler hat here*

This is where those nagging thoughts of walking away or burning it all down start to come in…

No, the answer isn’t a match…You need a strategic partner someone who can help you tame the chaos and know what to focus on next that will move the needle forward. You need a Director of Operations!

Wait… I know what you’re saying, “I’m not corporate. I don’t want my business to feel stuffy. I started this business for time freedom. Do I really need a director of operations?

The answer is yes and no! What you need is a fractional director of operations.

Yes, you need someone who can help you determine what to focus on next and help you structure your business and team in a way that everyone knows what they're doing and what is expected of them.

No you probably don’t need someone that is full time. At least not yet…that comes later.

Look it's hard to operate and build a business. You have done an amazing job of building it to this point. You have reached a level where you need someone who can help you break things down into manageable projects and bite sized tasks to hit those big dreams and goals you’ve created.

It’s time to take off some of the hats and share them with someone else so you can get back to enjoying your business again.

Hi there and welcome.

I'm Gen to all my friends and after coming here for a little visit, or some snooping, we will most definitely be friends.

Have a look around. Dig into my Work With Me page to learn a little bit more about how I can help you. Sneak a peek at the North Star Roadmap to get a feel for the packages I offer. Don't see what you're looking for, but still want to know if I can help you, feel free to make your way to the Contact page and send me a message.

It's nice to meet you. Enjoy your time here. I look forward to chatting soon.

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