About Me...

One of the things that gets me about websites has always been the about me page. Yes, I get that you are a little curious about who I am and why you might want to listen to me. But did you know that the About Me page of your website is the most visited page on your site in most cases?

No pressure right?

You’ve made it here and you are probably wondering, “What is a Fractional Director of Operations? What does a DOO do? How can they help me with my business? This stuff makes me feel like my hair is on fire. Who would be crazy enough to take on a career around operations and project management?”

You’ve watched other visionaries start to hit their big goals and you’re wondering what their secret is? Why am I struggling with this? Who said being the Boss was going to include wearing all these hats?

What you don’t see is that most of these Visionaries have a secret weapon - they have a Director of Operations. Oh they may not go by that title, but they have someone behind the scenes who is happy to not be seen and who loves making all the trains run on time and on the right tracks.

Here’s the deal. I love figuring things out and breaking things down into steps. I love creating to-do lists and tracking tasks. I always have. I get a wee bit giddy when I get to check something off my list. I’m always optimizing our schedule much to my husband’s dismay, he loves to wing things…

I fell in love with managing and strategic thinking back when I was in middle school and I was introduced to stage managing. I loved it so much that I went to college to become a stage manager…enter life, marriage, being a military wife, and kids, and well… Stage Managing didn’t fit into that dream anymore.

Enter my other love and renewed passion for entrepreneurship and well my ability to nurture my passion for strategic thinking and managing was re-ignited. It’s why I’ve become a Director of Operations. Well part of the reason…

The other thing is I'm really good at it. Like really good at it. Projects, Tasks, Automations, Workflows, creating a process...I love it and I love seeing how it moves a business forward.

My Office Assistant. Isn't she cute? Oh yeah, back to...

What I bring to the table is my knowledge of years of working in other businesses and in my own businesses. I understand the mechanics of what needs to be in place to make your business run from day to day. Things like fulfillment, customer service, marketing and visibility, financial steadiness, data tracking, and a few more.

And the best part? If you get this piece right, people rave about you. They love you and they love working with your business.

If this sounds good to you, then head over to my services page and check out the packages that I have available and let’s connect.

P.S. If you are reading this and still wondering about me the person, well I will give you the short version. I am wife and mom to three awesome kiddos (a set of boy/girl twins and their rascal of a little brother). I love homesteading and chickens. I live in the country and the only true downfall is that sometimes the internet connections aren’t always that great. And I truly love living my life. It’s not always rainbows, kittens, and fairy dust, but most of the time it comes pretty close.